The most frequent question for any wind down Trustee is when will the first or next distribution be made.  The Trustee will briefly explain the distribution process that informs the timing of distributions.

Distributions can only occur upon receipt of sufficient cash proceeds from the assets to be able to make a distribution.  At this time, we have not determined when the first distribution to the Series A1 WDT Interests or any other series of New WDT Interests will be paid.  All distributions will be done in accordance with the Plan and the Amended and Restated Trust Agreement governing the GWG Wind Down Trust (the “Trust Agreement”).  Please note that the amount(s) to be distributed under the Plan will be based upon proceeds derived from the liquidation of assets and from results of the prosecution of litigation causes of action that were retained for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the GWG Wind Down Trust.  The Trustee for the GWG Wind Down Trust will post new information to this website for updates on progress, including when the first distribution will be paid.

The terms of the New WDT Interests do not require regular dividends or interest payments at predetermined times.  As a consequence, no monthly or other periodic dividend or interest payments will be paid on any series of New WDT Interests.

GWG Wind Down Trust will not produce and issue monthly statements as it would be a burdensome cost to the estate without any benefit to the beneficiaries. The website will be the primary communication portal between the Trustee and holders of New WDT Interests.