Under the Plan, the Trust were assigned the following interests:

  1. A life insurance policy portfolio (liquidated October 13, 2023);
  2. Common stock in FOXO, an epigenetics technology company developing products for the life insurance industry (liquidated October 13, 2023);
  3. Common stock in Beneficient; and
  4. Any Proceeds generated by the pursuit of the causes of action prosecuted under the Litigation Trust. The Litigation Trust was established and funded as a separate trust apart from the Wind Down Trust to prosecute litigation on behalf of the beneficiaries of the Wind Down Trust. Michael Weinberg of Akerman is the appointed Trustee of the Litigation Trust.

Life Insurance Policy Portfolio. One of the primary assets of the Trust was a portfolio of life insurance policies. GWG Holdings, Inc. was a financial services firm that historically specialized in life settlement assets. Life settlement assets are whole life insurance policies (with only a minority being variable) acquired directly or indirectly from the insured person or other owners of a life insurance policy.  Under the Plan, the Policy Portfolio was transferred to Life Recovery Fund, LLC.  The Trust was the sole member of Life Recovery Fund, LLC.

On October 13, 2023, the Trust sold the entire life insurance portfolio to Apex Longevity Fund, LLC through the sale of 100% of the Trusts membership interests in Life Recovery Fund, LLC.  The net present value of the life insurance portfolio was approximately $605 million.  However, Obra (Vida) Credit Facility held a fully collateralized loan against the portfolio for approximately $605 million.  The Trust, having no income, could not service the premiums of approximately $10-15 million per month in order to have realized the full, face value of the portfolio at approximately $1.6 billion.  The Trust realized gross proceeds of $10 million from the sale of the membership interest in Life Recovery Fund, LLC.

FOXO The Trust held approximately 4.6 million shares of common stock in FOXO Technologies, Inc. On October 13, 2023, the GWG Wind Down Trust sold its stock holdings of FOXO Technologies, Inc. (4,646,698 shares in total) and will realize net proceeds of $586,943.

BEN  The Trust holds approximately 169.7 million shares of common stock in Beneficent.

The GWG Wind Down Trust, (“WDT”) does not have any insight into the finances of Beneficent (“BENF”) beyond what any other shareholder would have. As any shareholder, the WDT cannot be privy to any material non-public information. The operating results of the registrant BENF are proprietary to BENF until they are published by BENF through the release of the registrants, financial statements. As to the Trusts outlook for improvement in the BENF stock, the Trust like all other shareholders continue to monitor the performance of the equity on a daily basis. Beyond monitoring the performance of the equity and reviewing the financial statements published by BENF through the Securities and Exchange Commission, the WDT does not have any insight into the prospect of the performance of the BENF equity.

The WDT is well aware of what the potential impact of releasing large quantities of shares into the marketplace would be. As the WDT explores any and all opportunities as to the monetization and or distribution of the BENF shares, the WDT is factoring in potential outcomes of potential distribution and or liquidation, with the end goal being preservation of capital for the benefit of the WDT interest holders. The WDT will update this site as liquidation of the stock proceeds.

Litigation Proceeds Michael Goldberg, Litigation Trustee, will pursue separately from the GWG Wind Down Trust the “Retained Causes of Action”. The proceeds received by the GWG Wind Down Trust from any success by the Litigation Trustee in prosecution of these lawsuits shall be used solely to make the distributions under the confirmed Plan and the Litigation Trust Amounts may not be used for any other purpose without the approval of the Bankruptcy Court or written consent of the Litigation Trustee.


The day-to-day operations of the Trust are managed by the Trustee. The Trustee is ultimately responsible for all decisions made.  However, the Trustee utilizes a team of cost conscious professional service groups to provide her with the financial, accounting, operational and legal support to provide the best strategies for the Trust to maximize the return to the WDT Interest holders.


Each holder was issued the New WDT Interests pursuant to its Claim Class of the total aggregate shares based upon the waterfall as provided under the Plan. Pursuant to the Plan, these interests are not saleable nor transferrable at this time with the exception of probate, intestate succession, or under other operable law. In accordance with the Confirmation Order and the Plan, the following classes of beneficial interests in the Wind Down Trust were created and interests issued to the Wind Down Trust Beneficiaries as follows:
  1. New Series A1 WDT Interests – issued to the Holders of Allowed Class 3 Bond Claims (other than LBM Subordinated Claims), in an amount equal to the aggregate dollar amount of the outstanding Allowed Bond Claims (less the amount of the Allowed LBM Subordinated Claims);
  2. New Series A2 WDT Interests – issued to the Holders of Allowed LBM Subordinated Claims in Class 3;
  3. New Series B WDT Interests – issued to the Holders of Class 4(a) Allowed General Unsecured Claims;
  4. New Series C WDT Interests – issued to the Holders of Allowed Class 8 Series 1 Preferred Interests;
  5. New Series D WDT Interests – issued to the Holders of Allowed Class 9 Series 2 Preferred Interests; and
  6. New Series E WDT Interests – issued to the Holders of Allowed Class 10 Existing Common Stock.