EFFECTIVE DATE ASSET VALUES (as of August 1, 2023)

The Good Faith Valuation of the assets transferred from GWG Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates of the bankruptcy estate, to the Wind Down Trust, effective as of August 1, 2023, has been completed. Please see the link provided to access the Good Faith Valuation of Trust Assets.


WDT Interest Holders who hold their interests directly as they had the former investments with GWG Holdings, Inc., you can access your account for the number of WDT Interests issued to you through Computershare.  Computershare is the GWG Wind Down Trust’s Transfer Agent and Distribution Agent.  Below for your convenience is Computershare’s contact information. You should have received a Certificate of Account showing the category and amount of WDT Interests issued by series. Please contact Computershare as detailed below if you are unable to access your account or have not received your Certificate of Account as to the WDT Interests issued to you.



Via Internet:

Via telephone: Toll Free: 1-866-595-6048, option 1 (U.S.)   | 

International: (781) 575-2798, option 1 (non-U.S.)

Email inquiries:

Regular Mail: PO Box 43007, Providence RI 02940-3006 USA     

Overnight Delivery: 150 Royall Street, Suite 101, Canton MA 02021, USA

Click here to Access Your Computershare Account Instructions

WDT Interest Holders who hold their interests indirectly through their brokers/custodians must contact their respective brokers or custodians if they do not see the WDT Interests reflected on their brokerage statements. Neither Computershare nor the Trustee has access to view these interests. These interests have been escrowed by CUSIP through the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (“DTC”). If your former investments were invested directly through GWG Holdings, Inc., the converted WDT Interests are now maintained through Computershare.



The GWG Wind Down Trust has presented its Effective Date Good Faith Valuation of Trust Assets, herein. In order for an interest holder to derive what they might deem their pro-rata portion of the effective date assets to be:

  • Interest holder may obtain their interests in the GWG Wind Down Trust, see “Interests”.
  • Interest holder may divide their respective pro-rata interest in the GWG Wind Down Trust by the Total WDT interests, see above “WDT Interests Classifications Summary”.
  • This pro-rata interest percent as calculated above, may be multiplied by the value presented in “Effective Date Good Faith Valuation of Trust Assets”, as attached in the above link.

The GWG Wind Down Trust strongly encourages all interest holders to consult with their financial and tax advisors when interpreting their pro-rata share of the Effective Date Good Faith Valuation of Trust Assets.